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Sunshine Radio Online

Welcome to Sunshine Radio Online

“A good DJ will play you the tracks you want to hear – a great DJ will play you the tracks that you did not know you wanted to hear!”

Sunshine Radio Online
Sunshine Radio Online
by RuralBroadband
Free to Enable by downloading the skill to your Alexa app.
”Alexa Bring Me Sunshine Radio Online”
”Alexa Open Bring Me Sunshine Radio Online”


We formed in 2021 as a dedicated team of seasoned professionals and are a non-profit Radio Station that has an ever-growing audience of listeners that we affectionately refer to as “The Sunshiners”. Our DJ team is made up of people who have had glittering careers in the broadcast business. We also embrace and nurture “newbies” – mentoring talented people who have a love of music and a passion to be a “DJ” in the traditional sense.

All of our team have complete freedom to select the music that they think best entertains our listeners – our DJs are given very few “rules” – we trust them to have fun and to play great music. Of course, we play the hits from all decades – but what sets us apart are those tracks that you rarely hear elsewhere – we delve deep to play super music which you may possibly have never heard before – our taste of music covers all genres and all decades – the best way to find out what we do – is to tune in right now!

Sunshine Radio Online is not re-inventing radio – however we are passionate about HOW we do radio.

Our DJ team can list having worked during the heyday of leading stations such as – Radio Luxembourg – BBC Radio 1 – BBC Radio 2 – Virgin – Radio Caroline – Smooth Radio – Radio 210 – GWR – Sky – Capital Radio – Buzz – Radio Victory – RTL – AFN – Beacon – Q102 – Aire – Citybeat – The Wave – Red Rose Radio – Jazz FM – Radio Forth – BFBS – BRMB – Radio Clyde – Talk Radio – Radio Wulfrun – Metro FM – Hereward Radio – The Coast – Downtown Radio – and countless others…….

Our instructions to anyone joining our team is a simple guideline “Pick great Music & have fun” – that’s it! – It’s not rocket science! – we don’t bog our team down with static playlists of a few hundred songs played in a never-ending loop – we encourage our DJs to entertain and maybe even delight listeners by playing tracks that they did not know they wanted to hear.


We take what we do VERY seriously – however – as you will hear – we don’t take ourselves too seriously! – many of our shows are live – so our DJs are doing things on-the-fly and often with results that will have you chuckling – this is showbiz – this is entertainment – time to leave your woes and worries behind – “turn up the volume and rip the knob off” as one DJ used to say. Spread the word and tell your friends about us – the greater our audience the more buzz the DJ team gets – and the better the radio gets – we feed off interaction with our Sunshiners – and keep regular contact through Facebook and Twitter. We are constantly looking at new ways to get our signal to you – we have free apps for your phones and we are on an ever growing number of streaming providers.

Sunshine Radio Online Ltd. is a not-for-profit company and we rely totally on the generosity of the DJ team giving their time to keep this station alive – and on the amazing generosity of our Sunshiners and commercial advertisers to finance us. We do not have a central studio – we work totally “in the cloud” – all of our team have their own studios and they can hook into our cloud playout system from anywhere in the world to provide shows – we have DJs based in the UK, Ireland, Canada, The USA, Ghana, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, Hong Kong and Denmark.

Welcome to Sunshine Radio Online – we hope we bring a ray of sunshine into your life.